How it´s done

Artisanal method of elaboration


We only use mature agaves, which take between 8 to 9 years to achieve their maturity. We carefully select the piñas or hearts of the agave. We then chop them up and place them in an oven covered by wood and sand. The piñas stay here for 3 to 4 days.




Once the maguey´s color becomes golden, we grind the hearts in a wheel weighing at several tons, this makes the fermentation process easier, as it releases the juices and sugar.




During fermentation, microorganisms such as fungus and bacteria feed off the maguey´s sugar, resulting in the transformation of sugar to alcohol. In the development of this process, one molecule of sugar becomes two of alcohol.




Lastly, the distillation process. The alcohol from the fermented maguey is evaporated inside the distiller using heat from fire. This separates the impurities and solid material; the vapor collides with the cooling pot and is condensed into that liquor we call Mezcal.